Puzzles Online Games

Gameplay and Controls

The abcya duck life 4 game is played pretty much exclusively with the mouse. Players left click on pieces and then either drag them onto the board, or click a second time to set the destination for the piece. The exact controls fill vary by game and puzzle, but the pieces are always moved with the mouse in the same way they would be if the mouse was the user’s hand. It’s simple to play and it’s no more difficult than games like Freecell or Solitaire which require a similar drop and drag sort of mechanic.

Tips and Tricks

Doing an online unblocked games run 3 is much like completing one offline. As such, all of the best tips and tricks for physical puzzles still apply to digital ones as well.


Always begin at the corners. There are only four corner pieces, and each piece can only fit in a single corner. Once the corners have been set it’s a much simpler matter to spread out from there and to link all the side pieces together. Because the sides are flat on one side, they’re the next most logical place to go for getting the puzzle assembled. Once the sides are complete 2048 Cupcakes players have a frame. From the frame it’s a simple matter to work their way inward and to start filling out the meat of the puzzle.

Players should also keep a full, complete image of the jigsaw puzzle near to hand if at all possible. It helps to be able to identify where a given piece looks like it’s coming from before a Cubefield Game Online player tries to place it at random until it fits. It might be necessary to open a second tab, or even a whole new window, but that’s definitely worth the effort when it comes to getting the picture put together correctly with the minimum amount of effort that’s absolutely necessary.

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